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Sonia Kuscevic


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Hostal Sonia Kuscevic history

Hostal Sonia Kuscevic was created in 1979. In that time it was a "pensión", which in Chile means a private house that provides food and logement for people like workers, students, and professionals who need lodgings for a short period of time.

Some time later, it began receiving foreign tourists (mostly backpackers) during the high touristic season in Magallanes.

In 1993, its owner, Mrs. Sonia Kuscevic, made some important improvements (private bathrooms, parking, carpet rooms, etc), becoming a "Residencial".

In 1997, it took its actual brand as "Hostal Sonia Kuscevic".

During these more than twenty years of history strongly entailed to the development of tourism in Magallanes, there are two main constants that characterize the service that Hostal Sonia Kuscevic provides:

1.- A persolalized attention from its owner, Mrs. Sonia Kuscevic, and

2.- A sound professional service and a permanent commitment to the development of the region of Magallanes y and the tourism in the south of Chile.